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The Rain Wise process is easy. This is the order

Here's where we start. The important side sewer connection

after locating best side sewer location (or 2) we figure out the size, shape and capacity of cistern

The rebate is calculated by the amount of roof area and gallons passing through the cistern. establishing gallons (GMA) of reduced flow during peak rains


The process requires a pre and post inspection. A rebate package (12 docs) is presented to you before post inspection. Process usually takes 4-8wks. For Product Water projects, the rebate covers 75% of cost


These are valuable tools. We can do a lot with the set up. It is only the beginning

Please call me: Jack Guthrie, Product Water. Your source for all things rain collection 206-450-0231

Better yet, set up an appointment. include address and phone #. I will check the sewer map and take a virtual drive by to prepare for our consultation

Rain drop tanks connected in series, high & low + couple other images